Sevens and Bars Slots

There is fierce competition in the 3 reel casino space when it comes to fast paced gameplay with decent payouts and accessible betting amounts. This entry does its best to keep your attention firmly held on it with vibrant imagery, classic gameplay, and a bit of pizzaz that will help it stand out from the pack. For most slot goers, this one will be just enough to wet their appetite to keep coming back for more after they’ve at least given it a chance. For everyone else, however, if you don’t like what you see within the first few minutes of gameplay, there isn’t enough about it that’s new or interesting enough that is going to keep you going for all that long, or coming back for more than you already got.

Things We Love

We definitely love the graphics. There’s a nice sense of enthusiasm to them that makes it all feel alive, whereas most 3 reel classic slots don’t feel like more than an afterthought. The colors go very well with the theme, and the diamonds look enticing enough to keep you hoping they show up.

The gameplay is also very fast paced, and the traditional imagery makes it easy to know what you are trying to match and why.

Things We Hate

We do think that that gameplay here could use an upgrade, however. None of it is anything you haven’t seen before, and on top of that, it all feels somewhat stale the longer you play it. Other slots at least have a few bells and whistles to keep things interesting, like bonus modes, multipliers, and things like that. You’re not going to find much of that here, however, and on top of that, there aren’t any compelling jackpot amounts for hard core players.

Our Verdict

Sevens and Bars Slots a decent entry in a crowded 3 reel space that may be enough for fans of classic slots, but likely won’t win over anyone else. It’s well done and fun for what it is, but what it is unfortunately isn’t all that substantial. We wish we could give it more praise, as they clearly put a lot into it, but there isn’t a whole lot more than what you see, and there are far better games from Rival Gaming out there for you to sink your teeth into.