Firestorm 7 Slots

Firestorm 7 Slots
We’re not quite sure how they thought of the theme for this one, but it works! Flaming winnings are always appreciated, and making a classic slot game about fire is a really nice touch to that end. Firestorm 7 takes the old time formula and sets it ablaze with style and clever pacing, and has a good sense of humor alongside that. There’s not much more you could want aside from some additional features, but if that’s what you were after, you’re probably not looking into things by Rival Gaming.

Things We Love

The sense of style present here is amazing. There are various flaming themed games around, but none that takes fire itself as the motif and runs with it quite as far as this one. It’s a joy to see go by as you spin, and makes it all stand out quite a bit!

We also enjoy that the gameplay is just as blazing, flipping by at a fast pace that keeps the winnings flowing and flowing all around.

Things We Hate

Although we mostly enjoy this game for the unbridles enthusiasm present in it, we do wish there were some more features thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. It’s not bad, but it does little to elevate itself among the competition, which in this space, can be very fierce. That’s not to say it’s a bad game—which it very much isn’t. It’s easily one of the best 3 reel games around. But that’s also the worst part of it, in that they didn’t do much to go behind the bounds of what you would expect from a game like that, making this one somewhat interchangeable in that sense.

Our Verdict

Firestorm 7 Slots one of the best looking games around that uses the classic 3 reel style, and one you’re unlikely to find an equal for any time soon in that sense. On the gameplay front, however, it does leave much to be desired, and we wish they’d put a little more time and effort into it there. It does not entirely fall flat, but because it doesn’t try very hard to be more than a quick 3 reel game, you’re going to either love it or hate it based on your present feelings for those kinds of games. We enjoyed it, and recommend at least trying it to see if you do!