Red White and Bleu Slots

Red White and Bleu is one of those rare games that will have you either smiling fiendishly when you look at the premise, or have you rolling your eyes because you hate puns. We personally love it, and smile any time we look at an image of it. Being an odd mix of patriotic and French, this game will make you laugh and smile as it increases your bank account, and has more staying power than the average slot for that reason.

We had a blast, and can recommend this one easily. Especially if you don’t like puns, as maybe it can win you over and change your mind, opening you up to a brand of humor you’d otherwise unappreciate.

Things We Love

The punny premise here is delectable. The way they worked it into the graphics is also very admirable, and we can’t think of anything we would change about that. It’s a fun game made more fun by the way it comes together, and the odd mix of themes and art make it one you are unlikely to ever forget until the day you die or hit the big time, whichever comes first!

Things We Hate

We wish the gameplay had received a bit more love and attention than the rest of things, as it does make it very standard for that reason. There’s nothing to fault here, but at the same time, we have a hard time praising anything about it because there’s little here we have not seen here before time and again that was done better and with more fanfare. It’s definitely not bad, but there is nothing here that we would feel comfortable calling good or innovative.

Our Verdict

Red White and Bleu Slots is one of the most clever games we’ve seen put out by Rival Gaming, and one we’d definitely like a sequel too. That said, the gameplay here is far more standard than the theme, and doesn’t feature the same level of care as the art or anything else. If you’re in this for money and smiles, this game fits the bill nicely. If you want something with more depth and bite to it, however, you’re not going to find that here, despite it being memorable enough that you’ll miss that aspect of it when you go on to play other games of this kind soon after.