Gold Rush Slots

There’s likely no other period in human history that embodies why all of us are around here on the internet trying to play slots. In pursuit of easy money, fame, and fortune, settlers went West hoping to find money literally lining the rivers and laying around for the taking. Gold Rush slots game takes that theme to heart, making a fast paced classic slot that has little about it you haven’t seen before, but plenty of charm coming out of every part of it.

We had a blast playing it, and think anyone can get in on the fun, even if they don’t like that era of history, or are just in this for a quick buck.

Things We Love

For better or worse, the theme here is the best part of it, accompanied by artwork that has charm and character to it despite not being all that well done. It’s a nice time whether you’re in it for short or long play sessions, and will hold your interest well enough if you’re willing to give it a chance.

Things We Hate

The downside to this game is that the artwork and all else are really sub par. There isn’t anything that’s going to wow you, stand out, or anything of that kind. It’s a very copy and pasted game that draws heavily on all else in the slot world for an experience that isn’t bad, but definitely isn’t a stand out entry in the genre. Rival Gaming has many better titles than this one in that regard, and the main saving grace here is how quickly this one can spin along and pay out if you’re okay with giving it a chance despite how it looks.

Our Verdict

Gold Rush Slots is high on potential that it ultimately does not manage to fulfill. They tried very hard here, that much is clear, but they did not do all that great of a job when it comes to keeping things interesting, innovation, or anything that remotely resembles solid production values. It’s a low key game that looks like it could have been done as someone’s first effort in making a flash game, and for that reason, can be hard to recommend. If you’re a fan of the period, or the West, you’ll likely earn a few smiles while playing. Otherwise, you’re better off passing on this one for almost any other 3 reel game.