Back in Time Slots

With everyone now living in the future and playing all of these futuristic games on the Internet, it can be refreshing to take a step back and look into what it used to be like a long time ago. Long before we were around playing a slot machine games, and far before we were even here, dinosaurs roamed the earth, or at least that seems to be the case! Back in Time slot game makes a fun time of poking fun at what dinosaur creatures would have looked like back then if they were a little more like us, and ends up paying you in the process for taking the time to appreciate it.

Although Betsoft certainly did a good job here, this game is pretty bare bones, and place things pretty close to the vest. Nothing about it stands out very much, the graphics are a little strange to look at, and everything comes together in a way that is just good enough, but no better. You will not walk away from this game being blown away, nor will you likely remember it too long after you have played it. It still makes for a fun diversion, however, and something to put into your rotation.

If you like games that are simple, love prehistoric times, and have a fond love for dinosaur looking people, this game would be a good fit. We don’t imagine that describes a wide variety of people, however, making this one fairly niche, and one that certainly will be appreciated by some, but probably not too many.

What You Can Expect

Going into things, don’t expect to be wowed by the graphical style. Although they did take the time to render everything with 3-D graphics, all of that looks somewhat strange and rough around the edges. It’s the designs of everything itself that make it all seem odd, like someone that has a lot of skill but hasn’t quite honed all of their design skills when it comes to creativity. We suppose everything is technically creative, but it lacks a certain sort of polish and design sense that would have made it really look great.

This is a shame, as the graphics are clearly the focus of this game. There really is not much here aside from the way that it looks that’s going to linger in your memory. There are only the standard number of reels and lines here, and the jackpot is fairly small too at 250. Although the RTP is pretty good at 94%, that can also be said of plenty of other games. There are wilds and the usual features you will come to find, but no progressive jackpot or anything of that kind.

They really did put everything they have into the graphics here, hoping that will be enough to win you over. Unfortunately, however, in addition to not winning many people over, they seem to have lost the larger battle with this one.

What They Could Have Improved

The obvious thing they could’ve improved here is the graphics. Although it may appeal to some people, we can’t imagine many people are going to look at this game and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. It is well-made, but not very well designed. This is a shame, as we have said, because it is the main focus of the game, and falters so much. They also could have improved the game play quite a bit to make up for this, which could have easily redeemed everything. Progressive jackpots, bonus games, and even free spins would have gone a long way.

Instead, however, you have a game that is basically a classic slot machine, only with very strange looking characters pasted all over it, and happening at a very awkward pace. It certainly isn’t bad, but we really are hard pressed to call this game good considering the fine quality you will see around the rest of the games we have to offer, here in anywhere else!

General Style and Presentation

As we have brought up time and again, this game is a very strange one to look at. It looks like it had a lot of time put into it, so we feel bad saying it, but all of it mostly falls flat. None of it is very visually appealing, and the concept itself, is all very strange. There is cute, and there is weird, this one being more towards the latter.

The colors also leave much to be desired as well. Most of them are sandy and beige, which does make some sense, but this also makes it all feel somewhat bland and unexciting. When taken together, this makes for a game of that not only has very strange looking characters all over it, but a very strange sense of color, and in general, is not very appealing overall.

Summing Up the Game

Back in Time Slots is a game that you will probably have a hard time going back to. If you absolutely love dinosaurs and things like that, and think it would be cute to see what they would look like wearing some kind of pink dress, by all means, play this game! They’re literally is not much to it outside of that, however. You won’t find any interesting bonus games here, free spins, jackpots, or even more than three reels to bet on. There really isn’t much here in general, the developers having bet everything on the graphical style itself. This makes it a love it or hate it sort of game, and although it always pains us to say this because we certainly do love to support developers, they seem to have fallen mostly into the latter category here. We still recommend giving it a try, and have a feeling that you’re not going to be coming back to it anytime soon!