Major Moolah Slots

Major Moolah is a fast and frenetic take on what makes Classic Slots thoughts fun, adding just enough modern features to it to keep everyone happy, no matter your tastes. We particularly enjoy the progressive jackpot, and everything looks classy enough that it has a nice sense of style to it. We adore games like this, and wish there were more of them around the Internet that we could enjoy. Right now, this is one of the games to beat when it comes to Classic Slots, and we think they did an absolutely wonderful job for that reason!

Things We Love

We really like the combination of sophisticated graphics with classic features and a large jackpot. Jackpots in particular are something that was lacking in the classic style games, but this is one that would make even the best of modern camps blush! It is really great in that regard, combining the best of the old and the new. The color scheme is also wonderful, and it all feels like there was money bursting from the seams of it, which technically there are!

Things We Hate

We really enjoyed most about this game, but wish they would have spruced up some of the reel graphics. The bars, for example, feel a little bit cheaper and low budget, and there is a lot about it that looks like it could have used a little more love and care. That’s not to say it doesn’t look good, which it does, but that they could’ve very easily made it a lot more visually interesting, and could have tried a lot harder for that reason alone.

Our Verdict On Playing Major Moolah Slots

Having spent a lot of time with Major Moolah Slots, we can safely say that among the many classic slots around the Internet that are popping up all around us, this is clearly one of the better ones. Rival gaming did a really good job on this one, it outpacing many of their other titles. If you like sophisticated color schemes, large looming jackpots, and your lucky number is seven, you’ll find plenty of all of that in a game like this. We recommend it very easily, and think that anyone owes it to themselves to at least give it a try, even if you are not a fan of online casino games!