Gobblers Gold Slots

This came unexpectedly blew us away in almost every way. Whenever we think of a Thanksgiving theme, weird for some reason think that it’s going to be cheap, uninventive, and somewhat corny. They are usually low budget, poorly made, and there is not much about them that isn’t a complete afterthought. Gobblers Gold is not like that at all, however. Everything here was phenomenal, exceeded every single expectation that we have, and made us actually look forward to Thanksgiving this year!

The best feature here is clearly the art style, which has a quirky sort of look to it that is an absolute joy to see you. All of it looks so varied and fitting at the same time that it must have been made by someone that really knows what they are doing. It was very enticing to us after we sat down with it, and part of the reason that we got sucked into this came for such a long span of time.

Everything else he would come to love and adore from rival gaming is also present here, including the accessible betting amounts, the high payouts they can go up to 7500 coins, the many wild some multipliers that go skyhigh, and being able to win up to 100 free spins. You will also find the usual mainstays of became of this kind, such as the standard number of pay lines and reels. That doesn’t make the game in a less inventive, however, considering the way all of this comes together in the end. If you’re looking for a real gem, it seemed that is often used poorly but dumb well here, and would like to have the Thanksgiving theme in general redeemed, this one can do just that!

What You Can Expect

The thing about this one that might make people write this one off is the theme, but we recommend giving out a chance first before you do something like that. We were going to skip over this one to be honest, thinking a theme like this could possibly be that well done. Oh boy were we wrong! They pulled out all the stops here, making an experience that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

For starters, the graphics look like they could’ve been from a story book about a similar theme. It is very unique, well executed, and the colors are absolutely perfectly fit to the holiday. It takes the usual elements that people put into games like these around this theme, and does them in a way that seems new and inventive. It was as if the artist actually loves Thanksgiving, which isn’t a taste that were used to seeing!

You can also expect a very fast-paced game that pays out quite admirable, although the betting them out themselves are fairly low. It is all about keeping you there for a longer amount of time, which are in our book, is fine!

You’ll also be playing for a very long time thanks to the sky high number of free spins you can win, going all the way up to 100. They were clearly trying to steal the time out of your day with this one, focusing on making a game that is fine more so than a game that is addictive. That alone makes it addictive, however, so they succeeded in the end!

What They Could Have Improved

Although we really were blown away here by the way the package came together, there are still plenty they could’ve improved on this otherwise compelling game. One of the obvious things that they could have changed or the number of pay lines. It would’ve been nice to have some events of mechanics here, as there aren’t any jackpots or anything of that kind. The bonus round is OK, and awards lots of free spins, but we would easily trade all that for progressive jackpot if we could.

General Style and Presentation

This game looks like it was ripped from the pages of a wonderful story book that was a bestseller on the shelves. Most games with a strange them like this get an artist that doesn’t know what they’re doing, a color scheme that looks like it was made by some of using Microsoft paint, and in general, look like crap. This is the polar opposite of all of that, and looks so good that it could easily be made into a series of greeting cards or stickers the themed around the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is festive, cheerful, unexpectedly respectful of the history of the holiday itself by including things like a ship from the settlers that came to America, and teachers one of the tastiest apple pies we have ever seen on a slot screen!

Summing Up the Game

Gobblers Gold Slots is a game that took a throwaway theme and likely a low set of standards and completely blew all of that out of the water. It is impressive to look at, impressive to play, and we would be impressed if you could walk away from this one without having a smile on your face at some extra change in your pocket. Although there are big jackpots, there are enough free spins to keep you playing for some time. If you are a fan of Thanksgiving, you already know you will love this one. If you simply are looking for something that is very different, this one ironically ends up managing to be just that. It is easily the best game about Thanksgiving we have ever played, likely the only good thing about Thanksgiving in existence, and in general, and I think it all comes together in a splendid away on our fair Internet and the online casino world. We recommend it to everyone, no matter the time of year, and hope you win as much as we did for your trouble!