Fa Fa Twins Slots

It is rare that a game comes along that is the complete package. Wonderful graphics, wonderful winnings, and wonderful gameplay mechanics. Fa Fa Twins slot game does exactly that, however, blending together both Chinese and Japanese culture for what is probably the best Asian themed slot machine game on the market! With an accessible amounts of reels and over 243 ways of winning, this slot will keep you entertained while making you rich at the same time. Were gushing about it at every chance we get, as you will soon find out in this review!

What makes this game unique is in part just how high the production values here really go. We have seen many pretty games are on the slot market, some good enough to have their own TV show or movie. This game even out does those, however, coming together and wonderful fashion in a way that will make you smile. The only people we think that won’t appreciate the graphics here are ones that absolutely hate Asian culture, although we have never personally met someone like that in our time on this earth.

If you would like to support Betsoft in making some of the best slots on the market, or looking for an easy way to win lots of money, and find the visuals enticing, you will not regret playing this game. It does everything right, seemingly never manages to sleep fail, and it all comes out in a fun way that you will not soon forget. This will go down in slot history as one of the best Asian themed games for quite some time. If you would like to find out why, feel free to give it a spin!

What You Can Expect

For starters, you can expect to see you the highest production values you have likely ever found in a slot machine game. The graphics here are absolutely stunning, the animation is stellar, and it all unfolds quite magically. As the images spin by, you will occasionally see some of them have a magical bonus to them that causes two reels to match together. This is a fun feature that we were eager to, and makes winning all the easier! We also feel overjoyed every time we do manage to win, as the animations in general that happen when you do are very high end and well done. They make you really feel like something good has been accomplished, which most slot machine games completely neglect.

You can also win in a far easier fashion because of the sheer number of ways you can match thanks. This is not your standard 25 line game when it comes to that. As long as something connects in almost any direction, you can match it. This is more similar to a video game than a normal slot machine, which makes it more fun in the process, and less monotonous than all the rest.

As you are playing, you will also find that every once in a while you can double things up, much like the title, which amounts to a coin flip to give you more money. This is a wonderful feature that acts as the games bonus, and we haven’t seen something quite like it before!

What They Could Have Improved

Although we do love every aspect of this game, there are some things they could have done to make it a little more interesting. The coin sizes could have gone up a little bit higher, for example, letting players that would like to bet it all do so in a far shorter span of time. We don’t personally bet too much, and prefer playing for a longer time, but we know from experience that this is not true of all players.

We also wish that we could have seen a little bit more of the title character is on the reel graphics. We do love the graphics that came together, which are a very stunning to look at and wonderfully well rendered. Most of the graphics are vaguely Asian things, however, only one of them featuring the twins themselves. They’re so well done that we would have loved to seen them present in more of the imagery, although they are standing there on either side the entire time you play it!

General Style and Presentation

Most people probably do not know enough to be able to appreciate this, but this game really does come together and bring Chinese and Japanese imagery to the forefront in a wonderful way. It is a unique combination that is respectfully done and looks absolutely great. The twins themselves are a nice touch, making the whole thing so fun and fresh anytime you make a spin. It’s almost like you have friends there rooting you on, which seems to increase the winning amount in our experience!

The colors are absolutely spot on as well. From the Chinese side, you have a wonderful mix of crimson and gold. From the Japanese side, you have nice make sure as of green, blue, and tints of purple. Coming together, it just looks great!

Summing Up the Game

Fa Fa Twins Slots takes the cake when it comes to Asian themed games. It pays out very well, the game mechanics make it authentically interesting, and you have never played a slot machine quite like it no matter how many of them you have tried. Everything looks wonderful, and there really is very little that we would change about this game. Whether you love the way these games look, or want one that’s a little more interesting, this game does both quite admirable, and it will keep you playing for a long into the night. If you were lucky enough to get a huge bonus like we did, and use the double up feature on it, you could be walking away very rich in a short period of time too!