Win Mill Slots

We never thought we’d say this about a game backed by Rival Gaming, but Win Mill Slots is a true joy to look at and to play. The creativity here is way higher than anything you’ll find in the rest of their catalog, and nothing about it looks at all stale or under done. It’s impressive in all ways, and we really wish they’d do more of this sort of thing with the other games backed by their software.

At the end of the day, it’s still another 3 reel game, only with the addition of more paylines, and more personality than a good half of the internet.

Things We Love

The production values here definitely steal the show in all manner of ways. The character designs look amazing, the backdrop is to die for, and everything comes together in a way that shows a lot of care and love. The addition of the extra pay lines is also very welcome, making it sit a bit higher than other 3 reel games, and be a lot more fun for that reason. There’s even a bonus round, and max bets go all the way up to $75, very much unlike the rest of these sorts of games.

Things We Hate

We really don’t dislike almost anything about this one. They did such a great job we almost feel bad even bringing it up! Still, to be fair, they could have added some other modern trappings like progressive jackpots and related things that would make it all a lot more interesting and give it additional staying power.

Our Verdict

Win Mill Slots Rival Gaming’s best title by far. It looks amazing, has additional features you don’t see anywhere else in their catalog, and it sings in almost all ways that make it an easy recommendation. If you like classic slots but wish that had modern production values, and enjoy a few bonus features here and there, this one is certainly a winner in our book, and you’ll love every bit about the time you spend playing it. We really do think it’s one of their better titles, if not their best title. Even if it isn’t, it’s easily the best Dutch themed game on the whole of the internet, if not the only one in all of the online slot world.