Moonshiner's Moolah Slots

Moonshiner's Moolah is a well-made game they took it in otherwise uneventful theme and did it in a playful fashion with game mechanics to match. There is so much heart and cheery enthusiasm present in this game that it is contagious, and they clearly had a lot of fun when they put it all together. Even the user interface is an absolute joy to see, and we can’t criticize a single pixel on the screen for the way that it looks. It was a labor of love, came together well, it looks absolutely phenomenal.

It is more than just a pretty face, however, which we would like to think is true of ourselves as well. Although the betting mechanics are fairly standard for what you are used to seeing from rival gaming, it all goes along at a big enough pairs that you won’t have a single complaint about that! The jackpot goes all the way up to 1000 coins, you can bet in two $.25 increments, and if you are diligent enough to do the math, that makes for a very low betting amount of $50. They wanted you to spend a lot of time with this one rather than chasing a jackpot, which the gameplay completely reflects that.

There is also a bonus round called the chicken shoot feature which is a great way to win some extra money and get some free spins. There are no shortage of things in this game that will keep you coming back, and we found ourselves glued to the screen for a lot longer than you would expect of a title that was named after something as cheap as moonshine. This game is anything but cheap, is a joy to play, and we feel lucky to be able to recommend it to you guys today so you can enjoy it as well!

What You Can Expect

Nothing here was poorly done, everything was wonderfully executed, and you can expect a very well rounded package all around here. The imagery is clearly the headlining feature, have a lovely cartoon graphics that will make you smile, as well as many other things that are equally as cheery. We also really enjoyed the colorscheme, which manages to capture a part of the rural south that we’ve never seen so respectably done before. It almost makes it look funny in inviting, and we can see why people might want to live that way!

The gameplay is fast and familiar, which is the simplest way to put it. The main drive here is trying to win free spins to go longer, with a very low in modest jackpot based on the coin size that you put down. The idea here is to try to keep you playing, rather than trying to get you to bet large amounts. You can’t even bet large amounts even if you wanted to, as they only go up to $50 each. For reference, that is among the lowest of the low of maximum bets in the whole of the online slot world. That doesn’t make for a bad game, however, just one about the core gameplay of it, not necessarily the risk taking mentality.

What They Could Have Improved

If there was one thing they could’ve improved, it definitely would’ve been the bonus features. There’s not a whole lot on offer here that you haven’t seen before, and what is there, although it is nice, is admittedly very familiar. They could have enticed us a little bit by adding a jackpot to go along side the wonderful and cartoony art style, potentially a jackpot so hilariously large that it was humorous as well! That could be us dreaming, however.

We also wish that they had gone against one of their better intentions and made the maximum betting amounts far higher. We understand what they were trying to do and we respect that, but they could have easily allowed people that didn’t want to bet that much to still better small amount, and a lower risk takers to put all their money down and if you are number of spins. There would have been no break in the game play here, and everyone would’ve been kept happy.

General Style and Presentation

This is a cartoon filled caper that has a nice painterly art style and the color scheme to match. You have to like Wood tones and beiges to enjoy it, but we personally find those to be among our favorite colors. There is also a lighthearted sense to the greenery that is in the background, and all that comes together in a very happy and playful way. Most people that take all this sort of thing or a little bit heavy-handed in route, but this game takes another tactic, celebrating the area that it is based on, rather than poking fun of it. It’s almost enough to make you want to go live there!

Summing Up the Game

Moonshiner's Moolah Slots is easily the only game on the market about old time cheap beer, but that’s not the only thing it has going for it! With a lovely light on cartoon caricatures of the rural South, and some fast gameplay mechanics, this is one that will have you both smiling and winning at the same time. Whether it is the faithful dog or the jackpots that are admittedly not that high, all of it has a very cozy tone to it that will appeal to many players. One thing is for sure, and that is that there are not many games like this out there. We have looked far and wide, and this is one of the most memorable ones we have played because it is very different from all the rest. If you are after something like that, give this one a go!