Fantastic Fruit Slots

Fantastic Fruit is a game that is not trying to impress anybody, or really even impress themselves. That really describes everything that goes on in this game, its not really being something that shows any kind of effort, and looking like it was all slapped together as an afterthought. Whether it is the graphics, game play, or anything else, this is a very boring and not innovative game. Even for fans of classics lots, this one is hard to recommend, as almost all of them are better around the Internet. For that reason, we recommend instead to try almost any other game, and you’ll have a far better time than you would with this one!

Things We Love

This is tough. We are very positive people, but we have to say, there is not very much that we like about this game. Whether it is the lazy graphics or the tired gameplay, very little about this has something to offer you. Sure, it pays out well enough, but so do most of the games around here. We can’t think of a whole lot that makes this one stand out from the crowd, and there may even be much about this game that would cause us to tell you to wait and play a different one. It really is very lazy in that regard, and is a hard recommendation for us to make.

Things We Hate

Although we are not fans of crapping on the hard work of developers, we can’t help but do so here. The graphics themselves are very lazy, nothing is very well drawn, the gameplay seems like an afterthought, and we can’t think of anything about it at all that is interesting. It is not even campy and bad in a good way, it’s just bad!

Our Verdict On Playing Fantastic Fruit Slots

Having spent a lot of time with Fantastic Fruit Slots, we can safely say that this is one of the lesser games on the whole of the Internet slot world. It does not try very hard at all, and for that reason, we find it very hard to recommend to almost anyone. Even if you are a slot fan, there are so many better games out there that is hard to recommend this one. Unless you just want to give it a try, in which case we recommend it for that!