Big Cash Win Slots

If you are looking for something more classic, and like a simpler sort of game, then Big Cash Win has a lot to offer, and will fit the bill just nicely. If you were looking for something a little more innovative, with more depth, or a little more variety, however, this game is likely not for you, and you will probably be kept looking for quite some time!

Things We Love

The theme of this game definitely rings very close to our hearts. It is all about money, winning it, and nothing getting in the way of it. Even the backdrop of the game is a giant pile of cash, which we smile every time we look at! It’s the perfect scene for the rest of the game, which flies by pretty quickly with every passing spin. The simplicity of the game also goes a long way, keeping you very focused on the winnings, and never managing to slow down the pace of it. It’s fair to say it’s a winnings machine, and that’s all they tried to do!

Things We Hate

We definitely do not like the lack of some features that we have come to love it more modern style games. The progressive jackpot is one very big omission here, as are the many bonus features that sometimes keep things from becoming too monotonous. They instead opted for a completely classic style, which while it is not bad, definitely is not all that enticing compared to some of the things you will see around the Internet today. You have to really enjoy slots to like this one, and there really is not much about it that is going to keep you interested if you don’t!

Our Verdict On Playing Big Cash Win Slots

Having spent a lot of time with Big Cash Win Slots, we can safely say that It is very good for a classic style game, but offers absolutely nothing outside of that. There are no interesting features, no big wins, or anything of that kind. This game is made for people that hate all of that stuff, and want to get straight to the winning. Although we can relate to that, we would have loved a little bit more, and even just one single bonus feature would have been a very nice addition to this otherwise a lovely and fast-paced game!