Milk the Cash Cow Slots

There are a lot of games on the Internet that all look relatively similar, have a very simple play style, and mostly rely on a good payouts and solid gameplay mechanics. They’re not usually much to look at, and can leave a lot to be desired in many ways. Milk the Cash Cow slot game is a wonderful example of that, being decent in the game play sense, but not standing out in almost any other way. If it wasn’t for the decent multipliers and high number of wilds, and how cute the cows looks, we probably wouldn’t recommend it.

Given that it is just good enough to be willing to give it a chance, however, we recommend it on that basis alone!

Things We Love

We mostly love the game play here, which while entirely standard, works very well, and goes off without a hitch. It’s all very easy to understand, and accompanied by a graphics that are at times cute. This leads us to what we don’t like about the game, however.

Things We Hate

We definitely don’t like the graphics in this game. They have a lazy look to them that seems taken from the flash era of gaming’s early start on the Internet, and nothing about it looks like it received a lot of time or attention. The general lack of care and concern for the game itself is relatively trying, and it’s hard not to see it that way the longer you play. It’s certainly not a bad game, but when you compare it to the wonderful things that you see all around the Internet on sites like these, it’s hard to spend much time with it given how high the competition has set the bar.

Our Verdict

Milk the Cash Cow Slots is definitely not a bad game, but leaves much to be desired. Nothing about it really stands out, there are far better games just like it, and the art style looks like it was made as somewhat of an afterthought. It’s definitely a good premise, but not one that they followed through with all that well. If you’re looking for something more, then you’re probably going to have to keep looking, because that is certainly not here. If you simply want and easy and accessible way to win some money, however, the game just does just fine at that!