Mystic Wolf Slots

Wolves rank right up there with vampires and related things for the top spot of ancient critters that we have all come to enjoy it, Mystic Wolf focuses on the wolves themselves and is somewhat gothic in the overall theme. It is a wonderful take on the classic slot machine fair, adding in the usual number of reels you are used to from rival game in, and a few other features to keep things interesting as well. The bonus rounds and all else round out the otherwise complete package, and our main criticism of it is a unfortunate lack of some key features we would’ve enjoyed.

This is still a very full package that is easy to recommend, however. The graphics here are top-notch, even the suits of cards here for once looking fitting. The wolves themselves also look great, as do the many things associated with them. We’re not sure how all of these elements come together around the theme, but we are sure that they look splendid in the process. If we could change anything about this game, it would only be to have more time to play it, and potentially rounding out some of the rough edges of the sequel.

You can expect to win all kinds of coins for your trouble here. The Moon beams are at the top prize you’ll be looking for, going for 5000 coins at most that you could win there. Aside from that, you could win in increments of 200, 300, 350, and 500. It just depends on what you match, and how often they come up. This is alongside the free spins in the bonus round, which goes away all up to 50. Between that and the other things, you’ll be playing for quite a long time, and having a good time the whole way through!

What You Can Expect

Based on looking at it, you would probably expect a Twilight knock off. That is not the case here, however! This game is fully featured on its own, it doesn’t need any cheap tricks to capture your attention. It is fairly standard when it comes to the game player, but that by no means indicates that it is bad. They took the best of the classic games that always work, and made a very complete package surrounding it. If we had a criticism of the game, it would actually only be that we wish they would have added a few more features to the otherwise row rounds of gameplay.

You can also win some random jackpots that are very enticing. They are not of the progressive nature like me enjoy the most, but they are still quite fun. We don’t fall the developers for leaving those out, and understand why it was done. If we can change one thing about the game, this would be that, but that’s about the only thing.

You should probably know going into this one, however, that if you are not into the art style and a somewhat midnight Gothic look, then you’re probably not going to like this one. This is all based around that unique set of aesthetic’s, and if it’s not for you, this game goes away along with it!

What They Could Have Improved

As we said, we really wish they would have done something in the way of a nice big progressive jackpot, and things of that nature. We don’t dislike any of the features, and bedding here is quite fun. The game is very fast-paced, and because of the simple mechanics, you’re likely to win more often than not. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t have been great to have the other genre mainstays alongside that, however, which we have grown to love and other games offered by rival gaming.

General Style and Presentation

This one takes the page out of that twilight book we mentioned, focusing on vampires, or rather, their werewolf counterparts. We mention vampires because it all does have that general vibe to it. This includes all the related imagery. It’s about werewolves, but it seems like somewhere along the way, they decided to draw on that mythos as well. We don’t fault them for that, and enjoy the way it all came out here.

There is something of a strange look to it all that we can’t quite place her fingers on, however. The main thing here that we wonder about is the fact that it is so dark and Gothic working. We understand how that would play into the same, but that is more of a polarizing aesthetic. Some people love it, some people hate it, and based on which camp you fall into, that’s largely going to determine how you feel about this game!

Summing Up the Game

Mystic Wolf Slots is a good game that tries pretty hard to hit the werewolf itch that we all have deep down inside of us. If you’re the kind of person that looks up at the full moon wondering if you’re going to burst out of your clothing and get furry, or you simply enjoy the games that have a particular set of Gothic aesthetic’s to them, you will have a wonderful time with this one. For everyone else, however, it’s going to be a battle of the game mechanics and their ability to hold your interest.

If you’re OK with simply trying to spend long into the evening to get a big coin pay out, this game has you covered. The ample free spins in the bonus features will have you playing for quite some time. If you were looking for one big jackpot much like a lottery to help you retire after I spend or two, however, this game will unfortunately – all of those hopes write quickly. We still completely recommend it to everyone, however! At least give it a try.