Pub Crawlers Slots

We’re not sure who thought of the idea of putting a cast of colorful insects as the theme of a game that is somewhat about drinking, but that’s what they did here, and the results are quite entertaining! If you wants a nice colorful set of characters to look at, which are so inventive that you might find yourself sketching them in your off hours, Pub Crawlers definitely fits the bill for you. There are not many other games like it out there, we can’t think of a whole lot of games that can compare to it, and all of it is unique enough that it is completely unforgettable.

There’s a reason that this game has quickly become one of the most popular offerings around here. In addition to offering what rival gaming is known for, this game takes everything very seriously and delivers a very all around good package. Aside from the absolutely impeccable art style that is fit for some kind of animated film in our view, there are plenty of other things to keep your interest firmly held here too. One of them is, of course, the regular features that you would find in a game like this, only here, they are very well done and intricately plant. The free spins, for example, always seem to come up just in time to keep you sitting down for a little bit longer, which you can win up to 40 of at one time. You can also look for multipliers of three or eight for bonus games, and related things that you would come to enjoy. There are 20 lines that you can bet on here, each of which is clearly laid out on the side and an art style that is equally as well done. They left nothing to chance, everything looks great, and we really recommend the way this one came out to everyone!

What You Can Expect

If you are a fan of insects in general, stop everything you’re doing and play this game right now. It’s one of the only pretty and so games on the market, and the creativity presents here is absolutely off the charts. There really isn’t anything we would change about the graphics here, being perfect in every single pixel that we see. The creativity here is in a whole different level than most online slot games, and it’s one that’s going to be lingering in your memory for a long time after. The amount of character that goes into all of the individual characters hair really is astounding!

Aside from that, and you can expect a game that is largely based on winning free spins. Sure, there are many multipliers present, which go along way towards keeping it all interesting, but the manager of the show here is definitely that. They try to keep you glued to the screen for a long time, giving you more incentives to keep going, and it all plays much more like an actual video game that your typical slot which stops after a few spins. We enjoyed the style of play, wish more games would give it a chance, and have nothing bad to say about it when it comes to that!

What They Could Have Improved

Although we really do love this one absolutely to death, it’s certainly not perfect. There aren’t any jackpots hanging over your head, for example, which we have actually seen in real bars! The character is certainly our express it enough to keep it all fun and entertaining, but it would have been nice if they played a little more incentive bonus miles. As it stands, you basically get some free spins every once in a while. This makes it fun to play, but it also would’ve been a lot more fun if there were more play to something like a feature. It’s mostly just a periodic reward, which although we appreciate it, could have used a little more planning to make it a little more enticing.

We also absolutely love the graphics, but know that some people simply cannot stand and sex. We personally hate bugs, but ended up loving this game. If you’re just not a bad person, however, then this game might be a little bit creepy for you. It makes them look cute and friendly, but for some people, there’s no amount of cute that you could slap on a grasshopper that’s going to change your mind!

General Style and Presentation

This game took an absolutely wonderful illustration style, took caricatures of common people that you might see in a bar, and made them all into cleverly designed insects to convey all of that. You have seen this kind of thing done in Disney movies, DreamWorks films, and anything put out by Pixar. To see it done equally as well here in an online slot game, however, is something that is unheard of. You will have a wonderful time looking at it, and it’s hard to think of what we would change about the way that it looks when it comes to that. It is a little on the dark and grungy side, and some of the gradients could’ve been a little bit better, but overall, it’s breathtaking!

Summing Up the Game

Pub Crawlers Slots is one of the only games that features insects in a way that we can completely get behind. The style of play here goes a long way to keep you go to your seat, and it’s almost like watching a series of lovely caricatures flipped by as your bank account rises higher. The lack of giant progressive jackpot does live somewhat of a dent in this experience, but it’s still an overall is he want to recommend. If you want to see something that is expertly done and a perfect example of why rival gaming is popular, have at it!