Pistols & Roses Slots

Winning a clear award for style and attention to detail, Pistols & Roses Slots is a game that takes the Old West, shines it up more than a bit, and presents players with one of the best renditions of that era that we’ve ever seen. If you’re a fan of guns and all that went into the Old West, you’ll love this new and stylized take on it. It’s very simple in more ways than one, but there’s something to be said for a game that isn’t trying to overdo it, and is easy to get into. That’s exactly what they ended up with here, which we enjoyed thoroughly and can easily recommend you play right now!

Things We Love

We’re big Western fans, and love seeing how different people take on the genre. The way they did it here is a clear standout, taking reds and classy elements and putting them over the top of what would have otherwise been a dusty and rusty looking game if anyone else had handled it. It’s not quite as inventive as the Steam Punk versions of it that we’ve seen in other Rival Gaming titles, but it’s very good, and plays well on top of that.

Things We Hate

The fact that they played it safe in the gameplay is to be expected from a game that looks as innovative as this one does. Still, we’d have been happy if they put in at least a few modern elements, such as progressive jackpots, some multiplier or wild mechanics. Anything really to spice things up in a game that otherwise looks new and fresh!

Our Verdict

Pistols & Roses Slots is a welcome and new take on the Old West that makes a stylized splash in the online gambling scene. For players that like to keep things familiar and would rather sink into a game that rise to the occasion, it’s a great fit that pays out well and plays just as you’d expect. This is the best and worst part of the game, however, because of how simple it ends up being as a result. Still, if you’re a fan of the Old West as we are, there’s more than enough here to keep you entertained for long periods of time, and plenty to keep you going long into the night if you get hooked!