Costume Party Slots

Costume Party is easily one of the strangest like games that we have seen on the entire Internet. It looks somewhat like one of the Kim Kardashian iPhone games that was made into a classic slot, only with a much lower budget. It is certainly not a bad game, and we do love the gameplay mechanics, but it is very odd all around! Whether it is that knight with fishnets, or the many superhero looking things that you will see, many different elements are present to hear that all look somewhat slap together, which is fitting given the theme.

Things We Love

The gameplay here is the only redeeming feature of this one, with a high maximum bet for a three reel game, being $75, and it all going along at a very fast pace. That’s pretty much all this game has going for it. Although the ideas are good, and we think it could’ve been a hit, nothing else comes together all that well about what they did here.

Things We Hate

We want to say that we like the art, but we really don’t. We like the ideas behind all of this, and think that in the hands of a skilled illustrator it could have worked, but as things stand, it all looks very strange. We definitely don’t dislike the theme, but it all comes together in a very odd way. It is not a pretty game, to say the least, and if you have a fine artistic sensibilities, you’re probably not going to enjoy that aspect of the game.

Our Verdict On Playing Costume Party Slots

Having spent a lot of time with Costume Party Slots, we can safely say that this is a game that had a lot of potential, but they did not quite realize it. They clearly tried, and cared about the theme, but nothing comes together all that well, and it all looks like an old flash game from the 90s. If you like that sort of thing, then by all means, give this one spin. If you’re looking for something more, however, you are going to be left wanting, and this game probably is not for you. We still think you should try it if you made it to the end of this review, but for everyone else, you can give it a pass.