Mobile Slots

In many ways, Mobile Slots is one of the definitive Rival Gaming titles. It’s classic to the point of a fault, plays just as you’d expect, and manages to look a bit classy in the process. Everything here is simple and accessible, and you can lose hours a day on it if you’re willing to give it a chance.

There’s little about the experience that’s going to blow you away or impress you, but in terms of its potential to blow up your wallet, it more than fits the bill there. You likely won’t find another game quite as classic as this one in the way it plays out, which will be telling as to whether and to what extent you enjoy this game.

Things We Love

How respectfully they handled the classic 3 reel formula here is the main standout. There are certainly no shortage of games that all look just like this one and play about the same, but there is a shortage of ones that handle all of that well and manage not to look like crap in the process. We had a wonderful time of it for that reason, like we were reading an old book and realizing why it set the standard thereafter.

Things We Hate

Like many Rival Gaming titles, as you would expect, this one plays it so safe with the gameplay that you’re not going to find much here that is going to surprise or entertain you any more than most titles on the internet in terms of game play. Nothing here is new or exciting on that front. There aren’t even multipliers or jackpots. Instead, there’s just the classic formula that started it all, for better or worse!

Our Verdict

Mobile Slots by Rival Gaming is a nice entry that is very representative of the way all of their other titles play. You could easily say this is the game to recommend people try if they’re interested in all the rest, as they will easily know if they can have a good time with what they have to offer, and be able to invest more or less money into them accordingly.

If you made it to the end here, you owe it to yourself to at least give this one a fighting chance. Like we said, it’s a definitive Rival Gaming title, and you should at least try it once for that reason!