Diamond Cherries Slots

There are a lot of classic, three reel slot machine games on the Internet, and most of them quite frankly look like crap. They’re all very similar, nothing about them stands out, and the gameplay is entirely identical. They tend to lack charm, and rely so heavily on older styles of imagery that it all looks very bad. Diamond Cherries slots, as we are happy to report, is not like any of those at all!

They took the classic style of game play that slot goers fell in love with in the early days, and upped the ante by combining it with punctual graphics, and a lot of visual flair. The gameplay has nothing that’s going to keep you interested, but the classic formula works well enough to hold your attention. Of the games of this kind by Rival Gaming, this is definitely one of the better ones, and we recommend it for that reason!

Things We Love

The style of this game is definitely the headlining feature, and if you can forgive us for saying, the cherry on top! All the graphics have a nice popping looking red and purple to them, looking almost good enough to eat. This is completely fitting given the theme, though we do wish the game featured the diamonds themselves just a bit more prominently. When combined with the exceedingly fast pace of the uncomplicated game play, it’s very easy to get into the flow with a game like this!

Things We Hate

We do wish that they had added more multipliers, and higher payouts, to keep everything a lot more interesting. That’s one thing that modern games definitely do a lot better than older style ones. We enjoyed that they took things back to the roots of the slot machine world, but we wish they would have added what we have come to enjoy in the long time that has passed since.

Our Verdict

Diamond Cherries Slots is one of the best classic slot games you will find, and plays at a pace rapid enough to keep you entranced for long periods of time. It’s a game that becomes very addicting for that reason, and has a tone to it that will make you smile. If you want a classic game that doesn’t entirely suck, but looks good enough to eat, this one is that!