Megawins Slots

It’s an odd thing to find a classic themed slot machine game that somehow looks like it combines Egypt with modern elements. When you take the name of the game on top of that having absolutely nothing to do with the results, you have a game that never fails to surprise you, and has a quirky sense of charm for that reason. Although nothing about Megawins slot game has any interest when it comes to the gameplay, it does do the classic formula well enough for fans of that type. We include ourselves in that group, and if it sounds like you would also like to join, feel free to give it a spin!

Things We Love

We definitely love how intricately the graphics come together to make a modern experience on top of an old timey game. It must be said that the bar symbols look like crap, but everything else has a nice look to it that is very unique. And when we say unique, we mean that in a good way, not as a euphemism to be a nice way of saying bad!

Things We Hate

We definitely wish that they had some compelling multipliers, big jackpots, or pretty much anything about this game on the gameplay front that kept it at all interesting. We have found nothing about it that fits the bill there, however, making for a fairly standard game in every single way, for better or worse. This will appeal to people that like things simple and fun, but if you are looking for some depth, you definitely will not find that here!

Our Verdict

Megawins Slots is a game that looks nothing like its title, and combines some of the best and brightest elements of the old and the new. Unfortunately, they left off things like compelling progressive jackpot, multipliers, or any of that ilk to make things lively, so the experience is somewhat low-key compared to everything else you have access to at a moment’s notice. We still would recommend this one as one of Rival Gaming’s better titles, but know going into it that you have to really like slots if you’re going to find it to be one you come back to more than once. That’s probably what we imagine most players will do, and for that reason, we recommend you at least try it to see how you like it.