Dollars to Donuts Slots

We really, really like the way Dollars to Donuts slot game looks. We almost feel bad for saying it given the premise having much to do with things that will likely give us a heart attack, but the combination of Benjamins with pastries is a hit in our book. It all has an unexpectedly classy aura to it for that reason, feeling a lot more elevated than it otherwise would be given how well it all looks and comes together. We can give it an easy recommendation for that reason, and had a blast when we played it. Of all the 3 reel games put out by Rival Gaming, this is one of the better ones, and will keep you playing with a smile on your face while making you hungry.

Things We Love

We’ve never quite seen a game that looks like this. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard a million times, but have never actually seen attempted in a serious manner for obvious reasons. This game does everything it can to take the premise seriously, however, which makes for a fun and entertaining time that we had a blast with.

The gameplay and production values are also good, making it feel like a worthy investment that respects the player.

Things We Hate

If they’d tried a little harder on the gameplay, we’d have loved it a lot more. As it is, however, it all feels just a bit underdone, and could have used more time in the oven. It’s simple to the point of simplistic, and there isn’t anything of note that is going to keep you interested after your first play session. We imagine that will be the fate of most people that play this game, trying it once or twice for a bit and then never returning.

Our Verdict

Dollars to Donuts Slots a classy game that tries hard and mostly manages to succeed. It’s a stellar entry in the simple 3 reel market, though one that doesn’t do anything to win over fans that would be otherwise looking for something more. We had a good time and think you will too, if only you’re willing to give it a decent chance. If you’re into winning money and like classy things, this game will surely be a hit with you, if only for a short period of time that is punctuated by moving on after!