Gold Bricks Slots

Most of the 3 reel games around here and elsewhere all look the same, play the same, and are somewhat of an afterthought to us given the infinite competition you’ll find surrounding these sorts of games in the online gambling space. That said, Gold Bricks Slots still manages to stand high among the competition, thanks in no small part to the wonderful art style, clear effort put into the presentation, and how well it all comes together as it plays. We enjoyed every single minute of it, and would change very little after having put all of our time there.

If you want something fast, fun, and pretty, this game does all of that and more!

Things We Love

We’ve never seen a game with quite this look to it in all of the many slots we’ve played. It’s rare for a game to actually look like it’s innovative or fresh, and this game pulls that off in spades—or should we say bricks? It’s a wonder there isn’t a sequel with how well this one turned out.

The maximum betting amounts are also very high for a game of this kind, going all the way up to $75 a spin, in the usual increments of pennies to dollars for the single coins.

Things We Hate

As is usually the case with classic games of this kind, we do wish they’d put more into the feature set, and made it more accessible in that sense. There’s little besides a single spin that you can do here, being one after another like all the rest. No bonuses, modes, multipliers, or anything of that kind is going to great you here. On the one hand, that makes it simple and easy to play. On the other, it offers little to sink your teeth into.

Our Verdict

Gold Bricks Slots a fine game that blew us away with the visual style, and has enough going for it to keep players of all kinds at the edge of their seats. We wouldn’t trade a thing about it, other than some of the lack of bonus features present in the gameplay itself. Overall, it’s a joy, and we think it’s one of the better ones you’ll see around here based on the classic theme. If you’re into those games, give this one a try immediately!