Ten Times Wins Slots

Ten Times Wins slot game definitely wins an award for compelling titles! It is an impressive slot can’t stand winning only once, having a lot of compelling graphics that come from all over in terms of stylistic reference as well. It is very sleek, stylized, and well done for what it is. If you were looking for a classic slot machine game that looks like it was made in the modern era with some of the compelling things we have added in the time since the genre begin, this game is entirely made for you, and we can recommend that easily!

Things We Love

We definitely love how crisp and clever the graphics all come together. It all looks like the best of what classic slot machine games are, combined with the precision of modern elements. This makes for a somewhat high definition version of a game that looks back on the older time in the history of slots with fondness and care. We also obviously enjoy the 10 times winning mechanics, which is typically absent in games like these, and makes it far more interesting here.

Things We Hate

Although we do think this one did it’s best to try to stand out from the others in terms of interesting game play, it must be said that aside from that 10 times winning mechanics, there really isn’t much that’s new or novel here. You are not going to notice anything out of the ordinary, and it also all standard enough to be interchangeable if it were not for the graphics. It must be said that this is true of most games of this kind, but if you have played other titles by a company like Rival Gaming, you will probably feel a sense of sameness when you play this one.

Our Verdict

Ten Times Wins Slots is a game that does very well to take what was great about classic slot machine games, and combines it with modern elements to keep it interesting. We wish they would’ve done a little more than that, and not focus so strongly on all the classic elements. For that reason, we recommend it to people that are a fan of classic games, or any of the other titles by rival gaming. If you’re not, however, this one probably won’t win you over either!