Wishing Cup Slots

Although the theme of Wishing Cup slots game is clearly ancient Egypt, we have no idea how the cup itself that’s in it fits into any of it. We are going to treat it that way going forward in this review, accepting the fact that it is basically a very well done Egyptian game, with a very strange name that we don’t understand. Maybe it is part of some sort of Egyptian myth or history that we are unaware of? We are not sure, and we will likely never know. All we do know, however, is that we like it, and won quite well for our time that we put into it.

Although you have likely seen so many Egyptian themed games and things in general that you are sick of it, this one actually does a very good job with it. It is a very respectful take on the theme, having a unique angle, and being wonderfully well done. Everything here is enticing to look at in ways you don’t typically see on Egyptian themed slots. They are usually lazily done, and all look the same. This game has a lot of character, and even the suits of cards were given the royal treatment!

If you have the time and the money to spend, you really can’t go wrong with this one. The betting amounts are good, the bonus feature is fun, and everything else is accessible enough that you won’t spend any time second-guessing how to play. It is relaxing, immersive, and fun to look at. For fans of that era of history, you already know that you’ll love this one. For everyone else, it still has a pretty good chance of winning you over, we recommend trying it today!

What You Can Expect

This is one of those games that plays much better than it looks, and it looks fairly decent despite that. Most of the games that tackle this particular topic all have a very similar look to them, covering the background with gold, pharaohs, and things of that nature. This game took a very different approach, however, which helps that stand out, as well as feel fresh and new despite being such a tried and true theme.

The graphics are clearly the star of the show here, everything expertly rendered with impeccable design sense. The gods that you will see on the stage or some of the best we have ever seen, and they mix in some nice elements such as the cup that we actually have not seen once before in our entire lives when it comes to this region. We don’t quite understand it, but it looks very pretty.

Aside from that, and you still have a very well-made game. The bonus round is authentically fun, which will give you more wilds and things of that nature. The game play itself is fairly standard, having the usual five reels and 25 lines to bet on. Outside of that, however, it all feels like a well-made package because of the high production values and how well it actually spins and play as you’re going. The rate of return is also very high, and although it is listed in the 90% range, we feel it is probably on the higher end given our experience.

What They Could Have Improved

For starters, any game without a progressive jackpot is one we feel was rushed out the door. Although we enjoyed this game very much, they could have easily slipped one of those on there and been no worse off for it. That may just be us, but we certainly love those. The graphics definitely couldn’t get any better, having a lovely feel to them that we wouldn’t trade for anything. We even like the user interface, I wouldn’t change that either.

One thing they definitely could have changed in addition to a progressive jackpot, however, are the ability to win more free spins as you’re going. We tend to love that feature second only to the jackpot, and although this game plays well, we don’t feel we were given as many free spins as we would like to, which has to be more than zero!

General Style and Presentation

All of the game rests on this working or not, them having put everything into it and meeting at the central focus. Thankfully, everything here comes out wonderfully, and looks just as good as anything you have seen elsewhere. The sense of style and originality here makes it rise up above the rest of the Egyptian themed games, which is probably the most crowded of all of the genre as we have seen.

Although a good number of the things you will match our suits are playing cards, the ones they did here also deserve special mention. They are ornately done with wonderful gems and jewels, and look wonderful despite how rudimentary the concept itself says. There are very few cases where we will complement the way the cards look in a game like this, and this is one of them!

Summing Up the Game

Wishing Cup Slots is a game you will look back on fondly after you have played it, likely coming back for at least a spin or two. They did a great job, everything came together wonderfully, and it is one of the most unique looking games you will see it when it comes to Egypt. If you are a fan of that ancient era of history, you’ll love the way they decided to render this one. If you just want to become rich enough to build your own pyramid, however, this game also does a wonderful job, paying out well, playing at a decent pace, and being fun along the way. We can’t think of anyone that would dislike this game, provided they gave it a chance. We recommend you do that right now, and thank us later for it!