Jackpot Five Times Wins Slots

The only game this one has steep competition from is the sequel, Jackpot 10 Times Wins Slots. Jackpot Five Times Wins still holds its own, however, having tight gameplay mechanics, a good sense of pacing, just enough style to pass muster, and some additional features that most 3 reel games tend to do without. We had a fun time playing it, and would only leave it for the sequel that came out based on the popularity of this one.

The fact that the game has a sequel at all is very telling of how addictive this one can be, and there’s no better praise for a game than receiving that treatment!

Things We Love

We obviously love the 5 times win feature that gives the game its title. Most classic 3 reel games don’t offer anything of interest at all to keep things enticing over long play sessions. This one ups the ante by a factor of 5 immediately, which keeps you glued to your seat hoping for a big payout!

The graphics are also pretty sleek, and can rival most of what Rival Gaming has to offer. The theme is sparse, but well done.

Things We Hate

Not much here that we dislike thankfully. We do wish that there was more to the theme than just the title amount you can win, but that’s not a bad way to frame a game. In addition to that, we think some of the graphics feel just a bit lazy, but that may be us being spoiled by the more well done elements that were present in the sequel.

Our Verdict

Jackpot Five Times Wins Slots a nice classic game with a wonderfully titled winning multiplier that was good enough to spawn another one and is a fan favorite for a reason. It’s one of the definitive games by Rival Gaming, and part of the reason they have gone on to make so many. We had a wonderful time with it when we sat down for a bit, and found ourselves quickly sucked into the experience the longer we played.

If you love classic games, want a bit more winnings at your disposal, and would love to play the prequel to one of our favorite games, then you owe it to yourself to sit down with this one for a good time!