Thunderbird Slots

It is rare that after having played all of the slots on the Internet that we come along one that we truly think is unique. Even the strangest of things, such as pandas, seem to come up time and again, and always feel somewhat similar to one another. Many of these games are wonderful, and we regret nothing in playing them, but it is very rare to find a game that doesn’t have some sort of copycat or air of familiarity to it.

Thunderbird Slots breaks the mold in that regard, being one of the most unique games we have ever played in the slot world, and one of the most unique things in general that we have ever seen. The art style is magnificent, the design sense is impeccable, and all of that has a color scheme that we’re not sure we have ever seen done before anywhere else. This is all along side having pretty solid game play and a wonderful set of bonus features, making this one a sure fire hit by all metrics.

If you are into wonderful tribal designs, love things that have an ancient sort of look to them, and have a pension for winning money, you can do a lot worse than to spend lots of time with this one. We like the way it looks so much that we would love to have some of the suits of playing cards plastered on our wall. We never thought we would say that, because we hate the way those look in all the games we see you, but that’s the truth. They hit this one out of the park, and we wouldn’t change almost anything!

What You Can Expect

From the outset, you know this is going to be a very special game. You have probably never seen anything like it before, although you may have seen bits and pieces of the visual design they put together elsewhere. It has a somewhat Aztec and Mexican style, which when coming together, is entirely unique, and we really can’t think of anything to compare it to. Even the suits of playing cards here have more personality than most online slot games! It’s a thrill to see spin, and we found ourselves stopping just to look at the graphics as we were going. This is rare, because we’re usually all about the winnings, and it even won us over with the way that it looks!

They did not stop at being a pretty face, however. Everything you see here plays at a very good pace, and has a nice set of bonus features to keep you interested. You can win free spins, the bonus rounds come up often enough, and there are enough symbols to match to keep things from being boring. It’s a wonderfully accessible game in that way, and has double the number of lines to bet and that you are used to, being 50 total.

This alone makes it a well rounded package, and we can’t see many players being unsatisfied with what they have done here. Unless there is just no pleasing you, in which case the problem is you!

What They Could Have Improved

We have a hard time addressing this topic here because we really do enjoy this game. There are not progressive jackpots here to enjoy, so that does make for an obvious addition to the game that they could have done. There is a lot there to work with, which they made no attempt to. With that in mind, we still do love everything that they did right!

They also could have increased the maximum betting amount, because despite the number of lines you can bet on, coin sizes do not go up all that high. Admittedly, we tend not to bet too much when we play these games, so it would not affect us. We know many players love to put it all down at once, however, and it seems like it wouldn’t cost the developers anything to have given them the opportunity.

General Style and Presentation

As we have alluded to throughout this review, this game looks absolutely amazing. The mix of red, purple, and blues is entirely unique, as is it being combined with a tribal look that you have likely never seen anywhere else. It is entirely fit to be its own movie, the visual style really being that distinct. We would pay to have any of the stuff professionally done to put up on our wall. You will frequently find yourself admiring it, even if you have a winning streak going!

They also inform you of what each symbol does as you are playing by conveniently labeling things as you go. This is a nice touch, and even the graphics that are used to convey this look very well done. It’s all electrifying, just like the user interface surrounding it, and you will remember it for quite some time. This is not something we usually say about slots, let alone on the Internet!

Summing Up the Game

Thunderbird Slots is a great game to jump into for anyone at all that loves visual splendor and winning big online. It is one of the best visual games we have ever seen, even rivaling ones with much higher production values due to the sheer creativity they have presented us with here. We will never forget the way that this game looks, you will never forget how much you win from it, and it is an unforgettable experience all around.

Our only complaint about the game is that we really have no idea why it’s called Thunderbird. Maybe about some sort of reference to a God? We’re not sure, but this one is a gem, and you would do yourself a favor to give it a spin immediately without any further hesitation or reading!