Flea Market Slots

Flea Market is an original and innovative slot. The ‘Flea’ Market is in effect, invaded by cute little fleas flying all over your screen and game reels. There are lots of new game symbols to brighten up the game, not least the Lollipop symbol. In effect, Flea Market is a great gambling, casino game with a lot to offer. Getting three of those Lollipop symbols ensures the fleas come out to play in their numbers, attacking the reels with gusto! Flea Market will conjure up images of fun, friendly entertainment and all that is good, Lollipops included!

Attack of the Fleas: The Icons

Flea Market offers excellent entertainment value. There are some classic symbols in the game. Besides the Lollipop, you will find green, red and blue, 1, 2 or 3 Bar symbols. There is the antique wooden chest of drawers, which can gift you from 100 to 200 coins, depending on how many of them you get. Incidentally, the Lollipop as mentioned above pays out from 40 to 80 coins. The Diamond Ring symbol can gift you between 4,000 and 10,000 coins! Even only getting one or two of them will award various multipliers. The Diamond Ring is the game’s Wild symbol, besides being the highest paying symbol. All the symbols contribute to the overall effect of the game. The backdrop is a joy to behold, especially when the fleas come out to play!

3-Reel Excellence

Despite being a 3-reel slot, Flea Market offers great variance and an exceptional gaming experience. With a high tension game such as this, players will need to pace themselves to stand a chance of winning that high payout. Betting maximum coins and coin amounts will increase the probabilities of winning the top payout, or any win for that matter. The gaming action is ever present, and the cute fleas never take over the game or interfere with the wagering process. The betting and other functions can be controlled by the game buttons on the base of the game, just beneath the reels.

Feel the Difference

The symbols are cute, the theme never too overpowering, but, instead complements the game. The overall effect of the game is akin to traditional slots of yesteryear, with a touch of the modern, with a Wild feature, and extraordinary jackpot amount. If you have never tried a 3-reel slot, Flea Market is for you. If you already have, try out this one, and you will feel the difference.