Yak Yeti and Roll Slots

Betsoft is one of our favorite developers when it comes to these games. You can always expect something that is fun, inventive, and looks absolutely amazing. All of their games are more than a few steps above the rest, and the innovative gameplay mechanics make them as much fun as a traditional video game. Some of the time we spent playing this, for example, felt like the winnings kept happening so quickly and intricately that we couldn’t help but smile! This is something that you’ll rarely see in most of the games on the Internet, and makes it stand out absolutely wonderfully by comparison. Even the staunchest of critics will agree that Yak Yeti and Roll is pretty great!

The theme itself and the artwork are also always top notch here, which is no surprise. Everything looks good enough to have its own future series made of the cast of characters they brought together here for something as simple as winning money on the Internet. This, along side the wonderful bonus modes such as the double up feature, make everything highly memorable and something that no one in their right mind would put down after giving at least one try. At least that was our case when we tried it, and got sucked in quite quickly!

If you’re the kind of person that has to have it all, and wants both a wonderful game, a wonderful presentation, and wonderful winnings, this game is it. It will wow you in all regards, and never ceases to amaze us anytime we play it. This one is truly a gem, and you will only regret not having tried it sooner!

What You Can Expect

This game is unexpectedly good considering those winter themed games in the slot world are fairly rudimentary. The graphics, for starters, are absolutely amazing. The production values are skyhigh, and all of the character work has a lot of personality and charisma to it. Even the suits of playing cards have wonderful color and designs and snow on them that makes them feel fun and inventive. These little touches go a long way, and make it obvious that the developer really cared about the way this one came together.

The gameplay here is also wonderful, rounding out the package and holding its own. The number of lines you can bet on here is standard at 20, but the way things fall together after you win is somewhat unique. Anytime you win, the things that you matched will disappear, dropping new images into their place, giving you another chance to win. It’s somewhat like Tetris in that sense, and is a lot better in practice once you try it!

There is also the wonderful double up bonus mode, which comes up pretty often, and gives you a chance to do exactly what you would expect with a name like double up. We do recommend that you don’t bet it all on this, however, as we had better luck when we simply kept spinning and winning, rather than pressing our luck in trying to do something as daring as doubling all that we won!

There are also a set of little tiny bonus indicators on the ground that will determine what will happen the next time you spin. The whole scene moves along to the right, and the title characters will randomly roll over them to activate them. This is a really nice touch that you will not see in other games of this kind, and very inventive at that!

What They Could Have Improved

This is hard for us to touch on, because this is a very well-made game. They did seemingly everything right, and tried so hard on the graphics that we can’t help but smile when we see the little dog’s face that would be pulling the sleigh. That said, however, they could have added a few things that would have kept things more interesting, many of which are standard to the rest of the genre.

They could have added in a progressive jackpot, for example, to keep things more entertaining as you’re going. Not that the game itself isn’t fun, as at a certain point the images look like they’re trying to match themselves. But having an over arching theme that ties it all together would have gone a long way, and kept us guessing the longer we played it. It also would have made a stick around a little bit longer, although we still do it have a very good time!

General Style and Presentation

This game looks great, and we wouldn’t change a thing about the graphics. They captured the snow perfectly, the colors look wonderful, and all of the character work is very expressive. It is almost on par with something you would see from a Disney or Pixar film, or maybe even a little bit better because this one is going to make you rich while you play! If you don’t like the snow, you probably won’t like this one, but really, who doesn’t at least like the look of the way snow is? We understand just liking the cold, but come on, it’s very pretty!

Summing Up the Game

Yak Yeti and Roll Slots is a game that has wonderfully innovative gameplay mechanics, a very good chance of winning, looks absolutely amazing, and is going to warm you up despite having such chillingly well done imagery. If we were to rank games in a hierarchy, this one will be sitting quite high up on the totem pole. It’s fun to look at, fun to play, and funny to think how much money you just won by only hitting a single button with your finger or a mouse. We recommend anyone and everyone jump into this one while they can, it being one of the greatest games in the slot world that we have ever played!