Surf Paradise Slots

It is hard not to see the allure of surfing if you’ve ever spent time in a sunny place like California. It’s very relaxed, laid-back, and has a certain sort of appeal to it that has made it famous the world over. Although it has absolutely nothing to do with money or winning, and in many ways may even be opposed to it, these developers have taken it upon themselves to combine those two diversion things together with mixed results.

What you end up with is a game that looks somewhat strange given the premise is entirely at odds with a game play, but pays out well enough and looks decently done despite all of that. We recommend it for people that are huge fans of the beach, will have a hard time seeing an audience for anyone else.

Things We Love

We definitely love the laid-back theme the most. You don’t see that too often in the casino world, most people making really out there and vibrant premises they get progressively more complicated the longer you search. We would love to see more games like this that are down to earth, and even take it upon themselves to try to calm you down, rather than rev you up!

Things We Hate

We definitely don’t like how bare-bones the gameplay ended up coming out. There really isn’t anything here that’s going to hold your interest for all that long, and after just a few spins, you have seen pretty much everything the game has to offer. There are not crazy multipliers, impressive jackpots, or anything of that kind. It’s almost as if they themselves were surfers and decided to take the day off at the beach rather than put more into the gameplay! It’s a sad thing given the potential this had, but that’s how it is.

Our Verdict

Surf Paradise Slots has premise that could have done absolutely wonderful, but they took it to heart a little too much. Being laid-back to the point of uncompelling, it’s something that we recommend for surf fans only. Anyone else can still have a good time with it, but you will easily have a better one if you are a fan of beaches, boards, and things of that nature! We are, but you might not be.