Diamond Dazzle Slots

If there is one thing Diamond Dazzle slot game has going for it, it is definitely being sparkly! It is a spacey, star-studded affair that pulls out all the stops for a three reel game. They don’t have a whole lot of interesting bonus features going on, but there are plenty of things that make up for that. If you want something simple, addictive, and filled with the many things that you could buy with all your winnings, that this game should be at the top of your list to try immediately!

Things We Love

We really enjoy the graphics here, them all coming together like a dazzling and sparkling beam hitting you from the depths of space. It’s admittedly an odd artistic choice, and looks almost like it was made to make fun of online games, but we think that it works quite well, and the enthusiasm inherent to it is infectious.

Things We Hate

We definitely don’t like how simple the game plays. Although it is very addictive because the three reels fly by very quickly, that’s about all this game has going for it. It’s a very fun game, we will give it that, but some kind of bonus feature, or anything really, would have kept things a lot more interesting. You’ll have to really really like classic games to get it to this one, and if that describes you, there are admittedly much better games out there all over the Internet, including all this very website you are reading right now!

Our Verdict On Playing Diamond Dazzle Slots

Having spent a lot of time with Diamond Dazzle Slots, we can safely say that they had a lot of very good ideas, and made one of the most glittery looking games around, but that’s about all this one has going for it. The enthusiasm is infectious, and we ourselves liked it, but we do you think that you might take your time when deciding to play this game because it doesn’t have the staying power that some of the other ones do. It is a very unique game in that sense, and you’re certainly not going to forget it, but you definitely won’t be chomping at the bit to come back to it if it doesn’t immediately entice you, either. It’s a love it or hate it kind of game!