One Million Reels BC Slots

Of all the classic 3 reel slot machine games by Rival Gaming, this one is definitely amount our favorites. One Million Reels BC Slots, as the theme implies, does a lot more than most slots of this kind would to win you over and keep everything interesting. They have forgone the derivative reel images and mechanics in favor of some modern elements that compliment the oldest of school themes quite well, and the addition of a progressive jackpot makes the whole thing more than worth wild. It’s a blast to play from beginning to end, and will suck you in pretty quickly. The nicely done graphics are icing on the cake, and we love the overall package in how it came together.

Things We Love

We definitely love the progressive jackpot being set alongside the classic gameplay mechanics. That is the first thing they tend to cut in games like this, which is a shame. Not so here, it featured prominently along the top, and keeping you going even if you would have otherwise wanted to take a break.

The graphics are also a joy to look at, each having a nice expressive style that makes them stand out above the rest of the pack, and going quite well with the classic gameplay in ways we weren’t expecting!

Things We Hate

We really don’t have much hate to throw at this game. The had a clear idea of what they wanted to do, did it pretty well, and have not faltered at almost any level with it. If you are not a fan of the overly friendly color scheme, we can see that, but we are, and wish more games looked this way!

Our Verdict

One Million Reels BC Slots is a classic slot game with more modern progressive jackpot elements made for people of all kinds. It will not bore almost anyone, and even if you like more involved games, you’ll likely find something to enjoy here. We can recommend this one easily as one of the best ones Rival Gaming has ever made, and further, can say that among all the 3 reel games you’ll find around here, this one towers high above most of the rest, and not just because of the tall dinosaurs featured as you play it! Though they do help in their own way.