Global Cup Soccer Slots

Rival games sure does have a way with classic slots! If you are a fan of winning money and would love nothing more than to be out on the green in your spare time, the developer certainly agree, making a slot just for you. Featuring the many flags of the teams that play, symbols that look perfectly suited to the sport of soccer, and enough of the turf to keep all fans happy, Global Cup Soccer is a fast-paced game that is classically done and it’s classy all around. We adored it, and think you will too!

Things We Love

We’re big soccer fans, so we absolutely love the theme of the game itself. Anything that has to do a soccer will put a smile on our face, and this game did so quite readily! We also love how quick the game play itself goes, which makes it quite addictive the longer you play. The bets are not all that high, but the play times do get quite up there for that reason! It is wonderfully done in all ways, and we think they had a sweet spot here between simplicity in depth.

Things We Hate

One thing that we definitely do not like about the game, however, is the lack of any compelling bonus material, the complete absence of any interesting jackpots, or any of the other things that we would usually enjoy playing a game like this. If you don’t like soccer and money, that there really isn’t anything for you here. Those are the main drivers, which are obvious, but most games at least try a little harder to entice you. Not so here, it all being very low-key, and assuming you love it already.

Our Verdict On Playing Global Cup Soccer Slots

Having spent a lot of time with Global Cup Soccer Slots, we can safely say that for soccer fans, this is a very pick up and play at game. They targeted it just at us, and the fast pace of things will keep you addicted for quite some time. If you like bonus features, jackpots, and I have no interest in soccer, however, you’re probably going to want to keep looking, as there really isn’t much more to this game that those elements all packed together in the way we personally find compelling!