Midas Touch Slots

We’re all familiar with the legend of Midas, if only because it’d be amazing to actually be able to do that. Sure, the legend itself is supposed to be a cautionary tale that ultimately ends in tragedy, but that’s not at all how we see it. We see it as the perfect answer to most of our life’s problems, and we could easily mitigate the downsides of everything we touch turning to gold by wearing some gloves when we didn’t want it gold something. We could also see ourselves being pretty good as hit men, turning our enemies to gold and then selling them for extra profit.

Joking aside, Midas Touch is a high production value game that manages to make a 3 reel game feel lively and fun despite there not being much else going on with it. It’s got a lot of charm, effort clearly went into it, and you’ll have a fun time if you give it a go. That’s what we did, and recommend anyone else looking for money do the same!

Things We Love

The tone and art style all come together really well here to make something that has a lot of staying power and makes us smile. They clearly had fun when putting this one together, and it pays off in making it easier to sit down for longer play sessions.

Things We Hate

We definitely do not like the fact that they didn’t put anything of Midas into the gameplay. It’s all very standard and interchangeable with most other games on the market, and you won’t see too much about it that’s going to entice you if you’re not hooked immediately.

Our Verdict

Midas Touch Slots is a game we personally enjoy, but admit that it does not have much staying power beyond making a really good first impression. It’s one of the better 3 reel games you will find on the internet, we just wish it had things like progressive jackpots or anything else that could have made it stand tall and shine out among the rest of the pack. We can recommend it for people that like what they say, and hopefully you’ll be like us and want to spend more time with it. We think it’s got a certain sort of charm that will make many players very happy, and not just because they walk away richer!