Sensational Sixes Slots

Sensational Sixes slots game is the Rival Gaming equivalent of Mad Men. It’s classy, has charm, and a sense of style to it that appears lifted from an earlier age, but is no less fit for this one. We had a blast with it, not wanting to pull ourselves away from it but for a few moments. If you like 3 reel and simple games, want something off the wall in terms of theme and style, and wish there were more games like this on the market, feel free to vote with your dollars by giving this one more than a few spins. It was a great time for us, and we think everyone can enjoy it if they give it a chance.

Things We Love

There’s no substitute for class, which this one has in spades. Or should we say 6’s! Playing the lucky 7 theme up by doing the number one better, this game is entirely focused on a 50s sense of style that looks like something out of one of the early Hilton hotels, and will make more than a few players smile for that reason.

Things We Hate

We definitely do not like the fact that they forwent anything in the way of multipliers or jackpots in the making of this game. That those were harmed and chopped out of the experience is something we do not appreciate, and makes for an otherwise forgettable experience when it comes to the gameplay. Not that we don’t enjoy what they made here and didn’t have a good time. We very clearly did. But it’d have been nice to have at least a little bit of flair there too.

Our Verdict

Sensational Sixes Slots one of the classiest games in the 3 reel slot market, and a standout title from Rival Gaming for that reason. You likely have seen what it does before, but not in the way it’s done here. It will hold your attention easily, and none of it is at all poorly done when it comes to the gameplay. It does leave something to be desired when it comes to keeping things interesting, however, which is why we have trouble recommending it to everyone. If you love the way it looks and want easy money, however, you’ll be high on the list of people this game was made for, and are in for a decent time of it.