Plunk-Oh Slots

We’re not entirely sure what Plunk-Oh is about, other than really awesome things we’d love to own and have. Fancy cars, motorcycles, boats, and watches are things that any slot goer can relate to, and will likely be putting money down on in short order. The gameplay here does little to entice you, but the rest of it comes together perfectly, and has a nice luxury sense of style that is going to keep you interested because of how compelling it looks as you play it.

Things We Love

They really hit the nail on the head when it comes to the theme and art here. Everything you’ll see is what you likely spend your off hours day dreaming about when it comes to what you’ll do with all of your winnings.

In our play time with the game, we also had more payouts than we typically would in a Rival Gaming title of this kind, so it may also be a lucky slot on top of all else!

The addition of nice bonus features is also appreciated, which are usually lacking in Rival Gaming titles like these.

Things We Hate

There’s not much we hate about the game, but the lack of anything like a big nice compelling jackpot is something of concern. It goes entirely against the spirit of online gambling, and why we’re in the space. They didn’t make a boring game by any means, but they definitely didn’t go out of their way to make this one something that you’re going to remember when it comes to the gameplay, and some players may need to move on to other titles for that reason. The bets don’t go up all that high either, which some will love or hate.

Our Verdict

Plunk-Oh Slots is spot on when it comes to the art and theme. We really enjoyed the other elements of bonus features we found here too. We did not enjoy the lack of a big jackpot, but that’s a minor thing in the grand scheme of things given how well the rest of this game seems to pay out. If you like nice things and would love to afford them, then this game is one that should be firmly on your docket if you’re looking to achieve your dreams without putting in much time and effort!