Reel Crime 2: Art Heist Slots

This is an upscale game that comes on the heels of a wonderful rendition of the heist genre that we absolutely adored and our review. The stage here is different, however. Before, you were tasked with getting running and stealing cars. This time, however, it’s all about stealing famous paintings, and related and inventive things. This makes for a very fresh take on the already amazing game, and one that we like just as much as the original. It’s rare that these games get a sequel at all, and even rarer that the sequels are good. Both are true here, and we are delighted!

Many of the gameplay mechanics from the original, which we loved, are also present here. There are different rounds that everything is broken up into that changes the nature of the game player, as well as various bonus modes that also change during the different rounds, and things of that nature. All of it is very much reminiscent of the style of the first one, but in a way that still manages to feel fresh. You will like this one even if you have not taken the time to play the first, however. We do recommend that you start there, because it is very good. Still, no matter where you start, just be sure to play one of these gems!

The kind of things you will be doing here are all very much the same as the other. You will be looking for various scatter some balls, when in large amounts of free spins, and various other things that come up all the time. It is a lot of fun and practice despite how simple it may seem, and manages to make all the familiar elements that you we are used to seeing in these sorts of games feel novel and new.

What You Can Expect

Much like the original, most of the fun here is put out in the various modes that will come up that the game shifts between. These different modes determine what you’ll be doing at the time, whether it is matching familiar symbols, or winning more multiplier is at a particular time. This keeps things very interesting in a way they otherwise would not. Most games are sort of the same the matter how long you play them. This game actually changes from stage to stage, making for something that is fun to play and stick with, and actually feels much like a normal video game!

The art style here, though different than the first, is no less impressive. The point of the first game was to take iconic car culture from the 80s and give it a very noir, classy look. In this game, however, they went in the opposite direction, playing off of familiar art pieces that are now famous, and mixing in with them some forgeries of which it is obvious. Both of the art styles of these games is a lot of fun to look at, and features of the game play itself. A lot of the game has to do with knowing which ones are forgeries and which ones are not, which is conveyed visually and away most games neglect. It makes it feel very involved, and a very successful way. We really enjoy that aspect of it, and it made things fun for long sessions.

As far as the actual gameplay itself, it is the standard fare that you are used to seeing from rival gaming, which is a compliment! You will see the usual number of five reels, as well as pay lines sizes and a very low maximum bets around $40. This makes the game more focused on playing for a longer period of time between the different rounds, which in this case, we are OK with!

What They Could Have Improved

Despite liking this game so much that we would recommend it to everyone, there are clearly some things that they could’ve done to make this one better. Much like the first, although there are various bonus modes that come up in the different rounds of the game, we would still love if they had some progressive jackpot here. Those are what we tend to live for and these games, and we always come back to play hoping to win one of them. That is not something that will keep you going here, however, because of the nature of the game itself and its lack of them.

They also could have made a few more of those images that you will see on the reels, as those are quite hilarious, and expertly done.

General Style and Presentation

There is a lot here to like when it comes to the way the game works, looking like a collection of vintage artwork that is now popular the world over, mixed in with some parity elements for the forgeries. It looks almost like an art gallery itself, only without the stuffiness to it. It all feels very very classy, and has a wonderful set of colors despite how very the subject matter is. It’s also humorous to look at, considering the forgeries feature of the faces of the thieves that you will be playing as!

Summing Up the Game

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist Slots is no joke when it comes to taking the legacy built by its predecessor and trying to improve upon it. Most sequels never live up to the original, but this one does a fine job of it. Depending on your tastes, you may even like this one a little bit better! There’s a lot to like here, plenty to win, and no shortage of things to look at while you play. We do recommend you start with the original because were sort of OCD about that sort of thing, but they don’t need to be played in order, and they’re both very good!