Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist Slots

One of the only things that we have to criticize about this game is the fact that after playing it, you’ll find it hard to go back to others! It really does pull out all of the stops, and show you what is possible in online slot games. With a sense of style and production values that are far higher than they have to be, a good pace of play and decent winning amounts, and pretty much every box checked on the list that we would make for our favorite game, it’s hard for this one to measure up against anything else without coming out on top, except for the sequel!

Although the play in the game has betting amounts that are fairly standard, that’s about where of the mundane things concerning this game end. It is a stand out effort on all counts, and you’ll find yourself suck down almost immediately. Whether it is the Tommy gun bonus round, the ample amount of free spins and scatter symbols you will find, the many wild all around, or the wonderfully done theme, there’s so much here that it’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to complementing it!

We really do adore this one from top to bottom. It perfectly captures an era of human history that we adore, it does so with a very distinctive set of graphics that your wish were featured more often in other games, it looks professional enough to be a big-name video game, and there really isn’t much about it that we can fault. If you want to know why this game is great enough to spawn a sequel, feel free to give it a try right now. That’s the only way any of us will know for sure, and there are far worse things you can do then move onto the sequel afterwards!

What You Can Expect

This game in improves on nearly every single Avenue you can expect of an online slack game, beginning with a very impressive style. It looks almost like a new our Grand Theft Auto, set in a different era of human history. That alone is going to be enough for some people to really sink their teeth into this one, and will likely hold your interest for sometime to come. Most of the gameplay mechanics aside from that, however, are fairly standard. We do not see this is a bad thing given the theme, as the theme itself is something that caters to classic styles of play. It’s fun enough to keep you playing for a long time, and pays a very decent way!

There are the standard number of reels that you have grown used to and games of this kind, being five, and less than the average number of pay lines, here are only about 10 to 15. You can only bet up to $75 for a spin, and the coin sizes themselves are all quite small. That doesn’t stop it from being a lot of fun, however! Rival gaming has a lot of tricks up their sleeve’s, the main ones here being the bank heist bonus round. This will have you winning many free spins and playing long into the night, as well as thanking the developers for including it.

This game decided to focus on the quick nature of the game play itself, broken into different stages that act in turm. The first one is called the Plan, and the one after that is called on the run. This is followed by dynamite, each differing in the amount of the bonus rounds and scatter symbols.

What They Could Have Improved

When we say they could have improve some of the things in this amazing game, keep in mind that they did address many of these things in the sequel! With that out-of-the-way, it’s obvious that they could have made big jackpots that would have sweet and the package a little bit. We really do enjoy the way everything was broken into different stages, which makes it very interesting and unique. It would have been absolutely wonderful if they had done something along the lines of making some big jackpots, however. We live and die for these, and that we love this game, that did not change here!

General Style and Presentation

There is a very vintage, new wave, and interesting looked at this game that is hard to mix up with anything else. It has a very classic 80s sort of hard hitting style to it that is absolutely amazing. Most games that use gradients and related things look absolutely cheap and horrible. This game, however, manages to use them to wonderful effect, alongside a lot of very warm colors, and a nice set of comical looking graphics that are very iconic. It almost looks like a set of colorful stencils that you might find at a crime scene, and we haven’t seen this look in any other game before in the slot world. It’s very hard to compete with this game on that front, the only other game to do so being the sequel!

Summing Up the Game

Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist Slots is the first game in the series the rock the Internet do with this innovative style, innovative way of breaking up the game plan to separate stages, and a generally innovative theme overall. There aren’t that many games they can pull this sort of thing off, but they did so here with flying colors. There is very little about this game that we would change, and oh so much that we adore. We absolutely love it, we think you will love it, and the only other game that it can compete with would possibly be its sequel. It’s that good!