Gnome Sweet Home Slots

We personally hate gnomes, and everything associated with them. We think that they are creepy, somewhat strange, and we’re not entirely sure why they’re even a thing. It’s kind of like leprechauns to us, only creepier. With that in mind, we went in thinking we would absolutely hate Gnome Sweet Home slot game. What we walked away doing instead, however, is having a giant smile on our face is, and completely appreciating every single image that they manage to craft here. It is a wonderfully done, has a nice sense of humor to it, and a very playful and colorful style. You won’t see any other game on the market like this one, which is part of the reason it’s one of our most popular games!

Thankfully, this one is also more than just a pretty face. Although it is fairly standard when it comes to what rival game and has to offer, such as the five reels you can bet on, and the number of pay lines being 50, it’s still pretty fun to play. The multipliers are pretty low, only going up to the two digits, but the free spins do so as well, being up to 50 at a time. This will keep you firmly locked in the forest for a lot longer than you would think, and we personally lost track of time as we were playing. That’s a good sign of a wonderful game, and one that we absolutely love being able to share with others!

If you are a fan of magical forest of the creatures their end, this game was made for people like you. Even if you are like us, however, and are haters when it comes to that sort of thing, you can still find a lot to like here. It really does make us feel pretty special and we play it, and we can’t think of anything that we would change about the graphics themselves. We recommend you giving it a try immediately, letting us know what you think, and giving yourself a chance to appreciate just what they pulled off here!

What You Can Expect

We’re not quite sure what the mythology around the gnomes are, but our understanding of them going into something like this is that they are short stumpy dwarfs that like to chop wood out the forest. We’re not sure how they differ very much from dwarfs are any of the other things, but we do know that they make one ornaments out of them, and we always found that creepy. This is the most beautiful rendition we have ever seen of them, however, I am actually change our minds when it comes to how we feel about them!

If you’ve ever been to a theme park, or some kind of children’s fairyland, then that’s what you can expect as far as the visuals go. It is so bright and cheerful that it’s hard not to smile when you look at it, and the nice greens in other towns actually do make it feel like you’re in a forest. The way that it spins on buyers also expertly animated, feeling very professional and well done all around.

That spending is most of what you’ll be doing, as there really isn’t much here for you to do. The bonus round is very limited, and everything is entirely focused on playing for just a little bit longer. There’s nothing bad about this, but we know that some people like those additional features quite a bit. If that describe to you, you might be a left a little one saying, but we think the overall package is compelling enough to keep anyone interested. You can win up to 50 free spins at a time, which at the pace that you play, will likely result in you winning another set of 50 by the time you’re done! There’s really no reason not to give this game a chance, as it seems bound and determined to make you have a good time to matter how long you play.

What They Could Have Improved

There’s not a whole lot we would change here, which isn’t usually the case. Given the theme, we do think the simple style of gameplay is more appropriate. With that in mind, however, we do think that they could have added in some additional bonus rounds to keep things interesting. Normally we would like progressive jackpot, but to keep the simplicity here, it’s probably better that they have something along the lines of that instead. They really did achieve somewhat of a nice vision care, and keeping it simple is probably the best way to improve it.

General Style and Presentation

This game is a magical fairytale story book, laid out to you in slot form, and paying you while you look at it. All of the images have a nice quirky sense of style to them with a lot for you to laugh at the longer you look at them. The main character with an ax, for example, has a very interesting looking nose that you might not notice on the first time he goes by. The same is true of some hints on the beehive that will leave for you to find, or of the cute little fat gnome character that is pouring water in the birdbath. These little things and more, including some very interesting things in the background of some of the reels, make it almost like a game in seeing what you can find on the images!

Summing Up the Game

Gnome Sweet Home Slots is the best game about gnomes we have ever seen, one of our favorite things about gnome is that we have ever played, at the game that you owe it to yourself to try at least once because of the originality that pervades all parts of it. Play it and be at home!