Dr. Acula Slots

The name of this game alone already sets the stage for what you’re getting into when you sit down to play it. This game takes an otherwise done to death theme and gives it new life, complete with updated gameplay mechanics, nice visuals, and a theme that we can’t say we’ve ever seen before. It’s good enough to be made into some kind of film, and is clever enough that even if you’re not a fan of Dracula things, you’ll still appreciate the inherent humor that subtly runs through the whole thing.

Dr. Acula earns our solid recommendation, whether you’re new to slots or not!

Things We Love

The great and inventive theme is definitely the star of the show, right down to the lovely graphics that round out the experience, and everything in between. We’ve never seen a Doctor and Dracula hybrid, and the idea of it is a sound and pleasant one. The enthusiasm they put into the graphics to execute it is as palpable as it is appreciated.

The addition of some good betting amounts and other things also go a long way to making it feel fresher than it otherwise would be given the very tame nature of the theme.

Things We Hate

We do wish the creativity had extended to the gameplay as well, however. By no means bad, it’s definitely nothing new, which is a shame for a game that looks and plays as well as this one. Perhaps in a sequel they could make things a little more interesting, include bonus modes, or anything of that kind. As it stands, however, it’s a solid and classic 3 reel game that won’t surprise you on that front in any way despite how inventive it looks.

Our Verdict

Dr. Acula Slots wins the award for the most creature use of the Dracula theme we’ve ever seen. Having a smile on the artist’s face when they drew it is clearly passed off to the player, and everything about it comes off well in a well done way. We had a blast with it, only wishing they were more innovative with the gameplay as well. As it stands, it’s simply a highly creative entry in the Rival Gaming lineup that plays much like all the rest. Depending on who you are, this can be a good or a bad thing, especially considering the competition around!