Almighty Dollar Slots

Almighty Dollar is an odd but welcome mix of biblical imagery, money, and some special features you don’t usually see in games by rival gaming. But a cut above most of their other titles, this is one that clearly spent more time in the oven and is decently done for that reason. We had a blast playing it, enjoyed the added wilds and multipliers that you usually see lacking in classic 3 reel games, and wouldn’t trade the time we spent with it for the world.

Things We Love

The gameplay here, unexpectedly, is the star of the show. Most of these games all play the same, and in the 3 reel space, there isn’t much going on in the way of innovation. This isn’t bad, and they all pay well, but it makes for largely forgettable experiences that all blend in and are soon forgotten as you move onto the next. This game takes a bit of the modern additions to the genre, such as wilds and multipliers, and keeps those thankfully intact.

We do love the theme and the art as well, but it’s the gameplay here that flies and soars above the rest, all the way to heaven and into our hearts.

Things We Hate

We do wish we could see more of this game, as it really is good. A sequel would be lovely, as would the addition of more features since they already added a few of them, such as the inclusion of various jackpots in a progressive fashion, and things of that nature. A little can go a long way here, and they’ve already laid a solid foundation for that in the eventual sequel.

Our Verdict

Almighty Dollar Slots is a great game that sings and soars in all fronts, managing to impress is with both the gameplay and the art style. That’s not usually the case with Rival Gaming titles, but this one is a clear gem. If you love the biblical imagery you see in the screenshots, and want something that’s easy to get into and bet on but still has some nice additional features, this game strikes a good balance between the two extremes. We’re hoping for a sequel, and would love it if more of the Rival Gaming titles played and looked as good as this fine game managed to be! It’s a gem.