All Aboard Slots

Although we ourselves looked at the title and had assumed this would be a game about boats were sailing, we were very wrong, and pleasantly surprised by the subject matter! All Aboard is a game by Rval gaming that has a very cute art style reminiscent of Thomas the tank engine. Or maybe it’s just cute, and there aren’t that many cartoons about trains. Either way, this game is all about trains, lovely and family friendly graphics, and an odd assortment of the color green all around! We’re not sure why they did that considering we’ve never seen a green train, but to each his their own.

This game is one that you will be sucked into for a longer play sessions, largely thanks to the free spins that go out during the bonus rounds, and the fact that there isn’t much here in terms of progressive jackpots. They focused instead I’m trying to keep you going for a long period of time, taking that very seriously, and having a decent results because of it.

For some reason, people they get into trains tend to lose their minds with them. It’s the sort of hobby we think that people either love, hate, or entirely in different too. Based on mentioning trains alone, you probably know whether or not you like this game. That aside, however, there is still a lot of like here for everyone. It’s a game with a lot of staying power, one that you’ll have a lot of fun with, and something that we ourselves will come back to from time to time because of how original it really is!

What You Can Expect

If you went into this came looking for boats, as we said, you will be in for a surprise! This one took trains as the title theme, and work it into every aspect of the game, and parts of a game player. It looks very colorful, all the green, and has the standard set of play mechanics that you would be used to. Most of the focus here is admittedly on the graphics, but that does not mean the gameplay is a slouch by any stretch of the imagination.

The betting amounts here are very big, so don’t go in expecting a whole lot when it comes to that. You can start off at a penny as you are used to, and it honestly doesn’t go up a whole lot larger than that. There are a large number of bonus games, which results in free spins and the like, basically turning the standard slot machine mechanics into a bonus more based on what you match.

The betting here starts out very small, the number of reel’s only goes up to five, and you can only bet about $50 a spin if you’re looking to break the bank. They clearly were trying to keep people playing this game, and not type out all at once. If you’re into that kind of game, then this one’s for you. If you were a train fan, all the merrier! Otherwise, it’s a love it or hate it sort of game.

What They Could Have Improved

We really enjoy the art store here, and do you think that it’s authentic with innovative, but it does look somewhat odd that the longer we see it. There is something about the strange greens and related things that kind of get to us after a while, looking like maybe they could have expanded the color palette a little bit and resulted in a far better game. That’s not to say it’s ugly, but we’re not quite sure where the color scheme came from, or how it’s relevant. It will be like playing a game of McDonald’s that was red white and blue. It just seems somewhat out of place!

We do like the various bonus rounds, but we would have loved it if they had added and something else on top of that, such as save some jackpots, and related things. Jackpots are what keeps coming back to these games, and we would have loved it if they had met us at least halfway when it comes to that.

General Style and Presentation

This is a lovely done game with a childish art styles that makes use of the viridian color spectrum on a theme that some people will absolutely love to death. We ourselves think it’s pretty despite not caring for the subject matter, although we also don’t hate the subject matter. We are fairly indifferent when it comes to trains, although we know some people feel very strongly one way or another towards them. If you’re one of them, then you will know right away whether or not this game is for year, which a single image of it will likely tell you!

We should also make special mention of the user interface here. It really does look amazing, and they went all out and out. You don’t see that very often and this sort of games, and it is refreshing when someone takes the time to really make it soon. Hats off to the developers, in this case, a giant conductors hat!

Summing Up the Game

All Aboard Slots is one of the only games about trains that you will find in the slot world, and one that tends to take similar tactics to help people handle these games in the genre. It’s not going to blow you away or anything of that nature, but if you are a fan of trains, you’re obviously going to love it. If you’re not a fan of trains, but don’t hate them, it still makes for a relaxing time. It probably won’t hold your interest for all that long, but thanks to the many bonus modes and free spins here for the winning, it’s one that you can spend a lot of time with without losing a whole bunch of money!